PATREON EXCLUSIVE: How many are still enrolled in grandfathered/transitional plans by state?

The total individual/family policy health insurance market was roughly 10.6 million people in 2013. This included people enrolled in either "grandfathered" policies (i.e., policies enrolled in prior to the ACA being signed into law in 2010) or in "transitional" policies (those enrolled in between 2010 and late 2013, just before the ACA required all new individual market policies to be fully compliant with the new healthcare law.

How many of those 10.6 million people are still enrolled in grandfathered (GR) or transitional (TR) policies today? Unfortunately, there seems to be very little available data about just how many people are still in these policies.

I've tried to crunch the numbers on this several times in the past with limited success, but I tackled it again over the weekend.

PATREON SUPPORTERS can check out my findings now; everyone else will have to wait a couple of days, sorry!