ACASignups: New updates from NY, CT, MA & MN (update: KY as well!)

NOTE: This was originally posted over at Daily Kos. I've since ported it over here for archival purposes.

Yesterday morning's big news, of course, was that the Federal ACA exchange (covering 36 states) is now up to over 1.1 million private healthcare plan enrollees. Today brings 4 new state-level updates...and a teaser for two others you probably weren't expecting to see.

New York:
Today's big news is in New York, which announced that they're up to a total of 241,522 enrollees in either private plans or Medicaid/SCHIP expansion. They haven't broken out the number yet, but based on the split in the previous update (156K private, 58K Medicaid/SCHIP) I'm going with a 73% private / 27% Medicaid split until more specific info is released. This increases NY's private enrollments to 176K, up 20K from last week. h/t to Buenaventura for being the first to notify me.

Connecticut issued a formal press release which includes their final 12/23 deadline enrollment tally for 1/1/14 plan coverage. The total is only slightly higher than what I had (34,295 instead of 34,000 even); the noteworthy part of the announcement is that they've confirmed's declaration of CT as the first state to surpass their original CBO enrollment projection. CBO had them achieving 33,000 private enrollments by 3/31/14; instead they've managed to break through that number in less than half the 6-month enrollment period. Given the poor October performance of the ACA exchanges as a whole, this is an amazing development.

The enrollment number is the same 2,800 that I had it at last week, but I've confirmed that in the Massachusetts exchange, policy info isn't even sent to the insurers until the process has been completed, including payment. Thus, the "But how many have PAID??" talking point can be answered as "all of them" in MA, at least.

The latest MN tally is 53,000 policies—but the story specifies that these represent 125,000 actual people (Minnesota is the only state which seems to be breaking out households from actual individuals outside of the official monthly HHS reports). Based on the breakdown of the policy figures (appx. 40% private, 60% Medicaid or other state-run programs), this amounts to roughly 50,000 private enrollments & 75,000 Medicaid/etc.

The story also notes 3,900 of the enrollees still need to make payments; I’m not sure if these are included in the above numbers, but am assuming they are to err on the side of caution, so they've been separated out on the spreadsheet.

Note that this makes 4 states which are now reporting specific “Paid vs. Unpaid” ratios: 49% in Washington State, 49% in Nevada, 100% in Massachusetts and about 92% in Minnesota to date.

Finally, on the spreadsheet you'll note that two other states--Iowa and Nebraska, both of which run on the federal exchange--have significant updates. I'll explain what's going on with those in tomorrow's update; for now, I'm just too damned tired to get to it.

UPDATE: (yes, 2 minutes after I posted it)...Add Kentucky to the list of updates: (h/t Lompemann via Twitter)

Kentucky had about 640,000 uninsured people when enrollment began Oct. 1. So far, 84,480 people have enrolled in government-funded Medicaid and 31,672 have enrolled in private insurance, a total of 116,152.