5,500 Louisianans have avoided colon cancer thanks to Medicaid expansion & other oddball statistics

With the big news this week about CMS giving work requirements the green light and Kentucky immediately jumping all over it, I decided to look up a few data points from some expansion states which don't include a work requirement for the heck of it:


  • As of January 8th, 2018, Michigan had 669,362 adults enrolled in the "Healthy Michigan" program (aka, ACA Medicaid expansion), or over 6.7% of the total population.
  • Men make up slightly more enrollees than women (51% to 49%)
  • Enrollees are spread fairly evenly by age brackets (19-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54 and 55-64)
  • Around 80% of MI expansion enrollees earn less than 100% of the federal poverty line; the other 20% earn between 100-138% FPL.


  • As of January 8th, 2018, Louisiana had 457,178 adults enrolled in Medicaid expansion (nearly 9.8% of the population)
  • Women make up 62% of enrollees

As of December 4, 2017...

  • 153,822 Adults have received preventive healthcare or new patient services*
  • 28,852 Women gotten screening or diagnostic breast imaging*
  • 282 Women have been diagnosed with breast cancer as a result of this imaging*
  • 17,717 Adults have received colon cancer screening*
  • 5,582 Adults with colon polyps removed: colon cancer averted*
  • 248 Adults diagnosed with colon cancer as a result of this screening*
  • 5,162 Adults newly diagnosed and now treated for Diabetes*
  • 13,077 Adults newly diagnosed and now treated for Hypertension*
  • 40,434 Adults receiving specialized outpatient mental health services*
  • 7,992 Adults receiving inpatient mental health services at a psychiatric facility*
  • 7,218 Adults receiving specialized substance use outpatient services*
  • 7,873 Adults receiving specialized substance use residential services*


  • As of January 5th, 2018, Pennsylvania had 711,363 adults enrolled in "PA HealthChoices" (aka ACA Medicaid expansion), or 5.6% of the total population

By the end of the first year of Medicaid expansion (2015), they had nearly 560,000 adults enrolled in the program, with the following stats:

  • 15,500 additional jobs created thanks to additional healthcare spending
  • An 8.6% reduction in hospital uncompensated care ($92 million)
  • 45% of enrollees received at least one preventative service
  • 44% were between the ages of 19 and 32 years old
  • 55% were female
  • 27% had at least one Emergency Room visit
  • 5% were admitted into the hospital for inpatient services
  • 146,694 individuals, or 17% of the expansion group, had a cardiovascular condition
  • 44,887 individuals, or 5% of the expansion group, had a diagnosis of Diabetes Type 2
  • 97,185 individuals, or 11.5% of the expansion group, had a Substance Use Disorder