ACA Medicaid expansion enrollment up 67,000 since January in just 5 states

Of the 31 states which have expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, only a handful issue regular monthly or weekly enrollment reports.

I noted in February that enrollment in the ACA's Medicaid expansion program had increased by around 35,000 people across just 4 states (LA, MI, MN & PA). By the end of March, the numbers in these 4 states had gone up by another 19,300.

It's the end of April now, so I checked in once more, and sure enough, the numbers continue to grow:

I've also added New Hampshire ("PAP" = Premium Assistance Program, their name for ACA Medicaid expansion; it's similar to Arkansas' "Private Option" program): Enrollment has grown from 41,594 in January to 43,434 in April...a net increase of 1,840 people.


Add them all up and that's another 10,816 people enrolled in the expansion program, for a net increase of around 67,000 people across just these 5 states.

Since these 4 make up around 15.5% of the total Medicaid expansion population, so assuming these increases are representative across all 31 expansion states, it should be roughly 430,000 higher than it was at the beginning of the year.