ACA Medicaid expansion enrollment up another 19,300 across four states

Of the 31 states which have expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, only a handful issue regular monthly or weekly enrollment reports.

Back on February 28th I noted that ACA Medicaid expansion enrollment across three states (Michigan, Louisiana and Pennsylvania) had grown by about 35,000 people since mid-January, to 667K, 406K and 716K people respectively.

Today, a month later, I decided to take another look at all three states, along with Minnesota (which I forgot to check last month). Sure enough, enrollment has continued to grow in all four, albeit at a slower pace:

Combined, that's an increase 16,698 19,299 people over the past month, in spite of (or perhaps because of?) the ongoing attempts by the GOP to wipe out the ACA itself.

Of course, Medicaid has an extremely high churn rate; the enrollment numbers jump around a bit from week to week, so there's no guarantee that these numbers will hold next week or are representative nationally. Assuming they are, however, this suggests that total expansion enrollment has gone up by perhaps 100,000 people across those 31 states in the past month.