Colorado: 155,370 QHPs thru 1/08

It feels a little odd to be alternating estimates about how many people could lose their coverage in each state with the number signing up for it at the same time, but that's where we are: Remember, there's still 6 more days for people to enroll for 2017 coverage starting in February, and 16 days after that to sign up for coverage starting in March.

My last enrollment update for Colorado ran through December 18th; at the time the tally was 139,509 Medical QHPs via Connect for Health CO.

Today they issued another update:

Connect for Health Colorado Reports Increase in Healthcare Plan Selections for 2017 Coverage

DENVER —  More than 158,000 Coloradans selected healthcare coverage for 2017 through the state health insurance Marketplace through Sunday, January 8, a rate 18 percent ahead of signups one year ago, according to new data released today by Connect for Health Colorado®.

“We have been pleasantly surprised with the increase in sign-ups during this open enrollment period,” said Connect for Health Colorado CEO Kevin Patterson.  “Our numbers have gone up in our last two open enrollment periods. Last year we were up 19 percent over the previous year and this year we are seeing the same kind of strong growth.

“These many thousands of Coloradans have protected their health and their finances with healthcare coverage. I encourage anyone who does not yet have health insurance for 2017 to go to our site,, check to see if they qualify for financial assistance, review the available plans, and complete an enrollment. They can have coverage in place February 1 if they act by January 15.”

Since November 1, Coloradans selected 158,960 medical and/or dental insurance plans (155,370 were medical plan selections). Seventy-eight percent of the plan selections are renewing customers and 22 percent are new to the Marketplace.

Whether you are renewing or enrolling for the first time, you must complete enrollment by January 15, to have coverage February 1. Open Enrollment runs through January 31. That is the last day for people who buy their own health insurance to sign up for 2017 coverage, unless they experience a qualifying life change event, such as marriage, divorce, having a child, losing your employer-sponsored insurance, or moving to Colorado.

Key dates and deadlines for individuals and families buying private coverage

  • Open Enrollment: November 1, 2016 – January 31, 2017. 
  • You cannot purchase health insurance after this period unless you have a qualifying life-change event, such as marriage, divorce, having a child, losing your employer-sponsored insurance, or moving to Colorado.
  • Last day to enroll for 2017 coverage (without a life change event):  January 31, 2017.

Last year Colorado enrolled 150,769 QHPs thru the end of January, so they're already ahead of that. My official projection for the state is 165,000 by 1/31; they've hit 94% of that. At this rate CO should exceed my target by a bit.