Connecticut: Oh, crud: 2017 QHPs to date 9,900 lower than I thought?

Oops. Last week I reported that Access Health CT appeared to state that they had a total of 114,421 QHP selections during the current open enrollment period. The wording was slightly squirrelly ("currently active for 2016 and/or 2017"), especially since I also knew there were around 12,000 existing enrollees who still hadn't chosen a new policy...but an earlier update had given the number as "around 113,000" in a seemingly less-confusing way, so I assumed that all 114,421 applied to 2017.

It turns out I may have been wrong after all:

Consumers have until January 31, 2017 to sign up for coverage

  • New QHP enrollees since 11/1/16 28,180
  • Number of new QHP Enrollees who are first time customers 10,744 (subset of number above)
  • Medicaid – (completed applications/redeterminations processed through the integrated eligibility system)
  • Number of new Medicaid applications from first time customers 58,242
  • 13,043 (subset of number above)
  • Total currently active for 2017 in private health insurance coverage 104,495

To be honest, I'm still not 100% certain about this; the "currently active" descriptor could mean that 105K have paid their first monthly premium and are therefore effectuated. If so, then the 114,421 number could still be accurate, since that includes unpaid enrollees as well.

I've asked for clarification on this; a difference of 9,926 people doesn't matter much in the big picture, but it would immediately drop Connecticut from 95% of my OE4 target (of 120,000) down to 87%. I'll hold off on updating the spreadsheet/Graph until I hear back.