Rhode Island: 29.9K QHPs thru 12/31

As i noted last week, with all renewing enrollees accounted for, Rhode Island's ACA exchange is likely to come up short not only of my pre-election projection (40,000 enrollees), but will likely see a drop from last year's 34,670 QHP selections. They had only hit 29,312 QHPs as of Christmas Eve, and have only tacked on another 580 people since then:


  • 29,892 individuals are enrolled in 2017 coverage through HSRI, paid and unpaid.
  • The majority of these individuals are 2016 HSRI enrollees that were auto-renewed into a 2017 plan.
  • 3,322 of the 29,892 individuals have selected a plan for 2017 coverage, and are new to HSRI this year or returning after being enrolled with HSRI at some point prior.
  • 22,033 of the 29,892 individuals are enrolled in 2017 coverage through HSRI, and have paid their first month’s premium.

Last year, as of Jan. 2nd, HealthSource RI had enrolled 34,627 people...and their final tally only went up by 43 people in the final 4 weeks of Open Enrollment (that's not a typo). This year's tally is 13.7% below that as of the same point in time. I've lowered my projection for RI to just 31K by the end of January.

SHOP ENROLLMENT • As of December 31, 2016

  • Small employer accounts created: 2,484
  • Small employer applications completed: 1,009
  • Small employer enrollment (paid): 625
  • These employers represent 4,971 covered lives
  • 92% of small employers are enrolled in the Full Choice Model.
  • 90% SHOP renewal rate (2016 to date)

Interestingly, while Rhode Island's individual exchange numbers are paltry, their SHOP exchange is actually doing quite well relative to their population size.