Maryland: 130,000 QHPs thru 12/11 (73% of OE4 target)

Maryland still hasn't posted an official enrollment data report for the 2017 Open Enrollment Period, but they did reveal a pretty impressive rough enrollment number yesterday:

About 130,0000 Marylanders have signed up so far for insurance plans for 2017 through Open enrollment began Nov. 1 and lasts through January, though people who want insurance starting Jan. 1 must be signed up by Thursday. About 163,000 people were enrolled in private plans this year, an increase of 33 percent from 2015.

The article was posted yesterday (12/12), so I assume the 130K figure is as of 12/11. I'm fairly certain that this includes auto-renewals, seeing how last year their 12/15 tally stood at 150K including all renewals (both passive and automatic).

It's difficult to do an exact apples to apples comparison, however, since enrollments should be ramping up dramatically during these final few days before the 12/15 deadline, so I'm not gonna try.

Anyway, this fills in one of the blanks and bumps the national confirmed total up over the 3 million mark. I'm still projecting 7.7 million nationally by Thursday's 12/15 deadline for January coverage, with several million auto-renewals being tacked on a few days later.

Last year Maryland hit 162,000 QHP selections by the end of open enrollment; they've already reached 80% of that. This year, my personal target for the state is 178,000 QHP selections, so they've reached 73% of that so far.