Connecticut: Total 2017 QHPs up to 109.6K

Access Health CT gave a quasi-update today as part of a "Deadline Coming Up!" press release:

“The deadline to have coverage starting the first of the year is this week,” said CEO Wadleigh. “We’re seeing huge numbers of people enrolling – which is amazing. We want people to have coverage, that’s for sure. But what we want most of all is for Connecticut to be healthy. We’re on the right track – we’ve seen over 16,000 people sign up for 2017 coverage since November 1st.”

That 16K figure is for new enrollees only. Their previous update confirmed 93,581 current enrollees who've been either actively or auto-renewed already, bringing the grand total up to around 109,582. Important to keep in mind that this number is a bit lower than that, since some of those 93,581 might actively opt to drop their renewals before January even starts...but for the moment, there it is.

Connecticut now needs to add just 10,418 more people between now and January 31st to hit their/my projections of 120K QHP selections.