Connecticut: AccessHealth CT reminds 26K enrollees that they *have* to actively shop for new coverage by 12/15

The Connecticut ACA exchange, AccessHealthCT, issued a press release today reminding Connecticut residents in general of the December 15th deadline for January 1st coverage. They also stressed, however, that while most current enrollees will be automatically renewed into either their existing policy, there are about 26,000 current enrollees who can't be auto-renewed because their carrier is leaving the exchange in 2017:

On December 1st, AHCT’s automatic renewal process began. The AHCT eligibility system will automatically enroll into 2017 coverage customers who have selected auto-renew and whose plans are still available. “But, there are 26,000 people who currently have coverage through AHCT who cannot auto-renew and must take action to renew their 2017 plans,” Wadleigh noted. Wadleigh reminds all customers “they should shop around and compare your options for 2017– that’s the purpose of the marketplace.”

Those who will need to shop for and choose a new plan for 2017 include, but are not limited to, customers who had 2016 coverage with HealthyCT, United Healthcare, and those whose plans have been discontinued.

Everyone should take these steps before midnight on December 15th to avoid any gaps in coverage.