Connecticut: 8,515 *new* QHP enrollees; over 18K total thru 11/23

As I've noted before, Connecticut has an unusual policy for reporting 2017 QHP selections. Instead of reporting the number of renewing enrollees + new additions, they start out by assuming every current enrollee will be renewed for the upcoming year, add the new additions and the subtract those who actively choose not to renew their policy. Technically, this makes it look like Connecticut has already broken 100,000 enrollees for 2017--over 80% of their enrollment target number--even though we're only 4 weeks into the enrollment period. As a result, I can't really give an accurate "enrolled for 2017" number until the third week of December, when every state has officially entered their autorenewed enrollees into the system. 

Having said that, they are reporting the number of new enrollees signing up on a fairly regular basis:

Access Health CT has enrolled 8,515 new members in qualified health plans since open enrollment began Nov. 1, according to the latest statistics from the state healthcare exchange.

That brings the total number of people actively covered through 2016 and for the upcoming 2017 year to 102,096, AHCT CEO James Wadleigh said Wednesday. The new enrollees were not enrolled in 2016, AHCT said.

AHCT also answered 88,717 calls, had 144,131 unique website visitors, and 25,995 completed Medicaid applications, Wadleigh said.

This means that there's 93,581 CT residents currently enrolled in effectuated exchange policies. Access Health CT is targeting around 120,000 total QHP selections by 1/31/17, so they only have to have an additional net enrollment increase of 17,904 to hit their mark.