Massachusetts: 23K QHPs thru 11/17 (2.3x faster than last year)

A very quick update out of the Bay State:

  • As of 11/17: 23,026 total QHP selections (13,523 fully paid/enrolled for 1/1/17 coverage)
  • 15,800 renewals/reenrollees (69%), 7,226 new/returning enrollees (31%)

That's 1,355/day on average for the first 17 days; this is up from 1,281/day for the first 8 days.

For comparison, last year they only averaged around 575/day (for the first 7 days anyway), so it's definitely busier (2.3x faster) so far.

Even just looking at new enrollees: The first week averaged 183/day last year; this year it was 368/day the first 8 days and 425/day the first 17 days...again, more than twice last year's rate so far.