Connecticut: 16,000 QHPs in first 15 days (41% new enrollees) (updated)

The Access Health CT board held their monthly meeting this morning, including their first official 2017 Open Enrollment Period enrollment numbers. This slide is a little confusing but I think I've figured it out:

If I'm reading this correctly, it looks like they currently have 85,250 people enrolled in effectuated exchange policies. 9,455 have actively renewed/re-enrolled into either their existing policy or a different one, plus another 5,570 brand-new enrollees who have signed up, for a total of 15,025 QHP selections for 2017.

What's confusing me is that they also say that "100,275 are currently enrolled"...which you only get by adding all 3 of those numbers together, which makes little sense to me.

think what they mean is that there's 102,912 currently enrolled of which 9,455 have gone on to actively renew/re-enroll and another 2,637 have already actively cancelled/discontinued their policy (basically, they've given notice that they won't be re-upping next year), leaving a pool of 85,250 current enrollees who could still do one or the other.

UPDATE: OK, I asked for further clarification and got this response, which doesn't quite answer my question but does update the numbers a bit more:

@charles_gaba 6,630 are new enrollees as of yesterday.

— Access Health CT (@AccessHealthCT) November 17, 2016

So, that should be 9,455 renewals + 6,630 new = 16,085 total

Anyway, there are several other slides which break out some additional early demographic data about which plans these people are choosing and so forth: