Texas: Cigna drops off the exchange as well, up to 19K impacted

Thanks to Thiago Santiro in the comments for this heads up:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas will be the sole player in the ACA marketplace here, making Tarrant County the largest metro area in the state down to one participant.

Four of the previous insurers in the county — Aetna, Scott & White, Cigna and UnitedHealth — each confirmed they have pulled out of the ACA marketplace throughout the state.

According to my original estimates from back in May, Cigna only has around 19,000 people enrolled in individual market plans to begin with: 14,000 via Cigna Health & Life Insurance, 5,000 via Cigna Healthcare of Texas. However...

...Cigna also will continue to offer individual plans off the marketplace, according to spokesman Joe Mondy.

I have no idea how many of those 19K are on vs. off-exchange, so can't really parse out the exact impact. In any event, the number is still too small to impact the overall statewide average rate hike by more than a rounding error, so I'm leaving it be in the main table.