Oh, yeah: An important announcement (so important I forgot to mention it last week!)

After the dust settled on the 2014 Open Enrollment Period, I was ready to call it quits; my business had suffered greatly and I even came down with a nasty case of shingles due to working up to 16 hours a day tracking the crazy final weeks. However, many people asked me to keep things going, and thanks to the generosity of many people both here and over at Daily Kos, I was able to commit to covering the 2nd year of ACA open enrollment as well.

After the 2015 enrollment period ended, I was able to make arrangements to keep chugging along for a third Open Enrollment period.

Today, with the 2016 enrollment period several months behind us, I just realized that I completely forgot to mention that yes, I've once again made arrangements to keep at it for a fourth year: I'll continue to track ACA enrollments as well as related ACA/healthcare data developments (Medicaid, BHPs, premium rate hikes, etc etc) for another full year, through at least April 2017.

However, those arrangements only cover a portion of the time and effort it takes to maintain everything here at ACASignups.net...the Spreadsheet, the Graph, and especially the blog.

Some regular visitors have been very generous in the past, so I'm not directing this at them...but for those who haven't yet done so, and who appreciate the data, analysis and discussion here at ACA Signups, I'd greatly appreciate any donation you might be able to spare to help keep it operating.

On the one hand, the open enrollment period itself may seem to be getting almost...boring. Most of the technical issues have been worked out and people are getting more and more used to the process. Dramatic Supreme Court decisions like King vs. Burwell and Hobby Lobby are now behind us.

On the other hand, there's still the drama of the 2017 Rate Hikes, the future of the remaining 11 Co-Ops, the House v. Burwell court case (aka "King v. Burwell Jr."), the mystery of which carriers will pull out (or even jump in) to various states and all sorts of other fun (ok, not so fun) stuff.

Oh yeah, one more thing: This is a Presidential election year, and Donald Trump is almost certain to be the Republican nominee.

Imagine the possibilities.