North Carolina: (revised) Requested 2016 avg. rate hikes: 28.1% (up from 27%)

Ugh. Back in August I ran a ballpark estimate of the requested average rate hikes on the North Carolina individual market, and came up with 27% like so:

However, since then, 2 major NC insurers have revised their request upwards even further:

Two more health insurers in North Carolina are asking to increase their already-proposed rate increases. 

UnitedHealthcare, which had requested an average rate increase of 12.5 percent, now is asking regulators to allow an an average increase of 20.4 percent. The range is 2.5 percent to 50.3 percent.

Humana had requested 11.3 percent and is now asking for an average of 24.9 percent. 

Their requests follows one earlier this summer by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina to seek a 34.6-percent rate hike instead of 25.7 percent. Executives with the Chapel Hill insurer said its patients covered under the Affordable Care Act were disproportionately sicker and required more expensive medical services.

I already had BCBSNC's 34.6% request factored into my original table. Plugging in the newly-revised requests from UHC and Humana makes it look like this:

It's important to remember that these are still just the requested increases; the insurance commissioner may change them substantially...but this certainly isn't a good omen for NC at the moment.