California: 1.42 Million QHPs thru 2/15, 3.0M+ newly added to Medicaid

This Just In...

Overall 1.4 million in @CoveredCA now, over 3 million newly enrolled in Medi-Cal. Big impacts on health coverage from the #ACA. #Obamacare

— Health Access CA (@healthaccess) February 17, 2015

At #ITUPconference, #CoveredCA director Peter Lee notes that 2nd open enrollment closed 29 hours ago: newly enrolled 474,000! 36K on Sunday.

— Health Access CA (@healthaccess) February 17, 2015

#CoveredCA: 474K newly enrolled in #OE2; will meet 500K goal by Feb 22! Over 1.4 million now in @CoveredCA. #ITUPconference @charles_gaba

— Health Access CA (@healthaccess) February 17, 2015

OK, let's see here...CoveredCA had previously stated that around 944,000 enrollees from 2014 had  renewed their policies (or switched to a different one via the exchanges). Add those and you have 944K + 474K = 1.418 million QHP enrollees for 2015.

Now, there's also this tweet...

94% of #CoveredCA enrollees kept their plans in 2015! #ITUPconference

— Lucy (@lbpagel) February 17, 2015

...which would mean 1.05 million renewals from 2014 if it means "94% of the 1.12 million enrollees from last year", but the other tweets ("over 1.4 million") strongly suggest that this just means that 94% of those who renewed kept their existing policies vs. switching to a different one.