California: Want more evidence that the reports should continue? Try 300K COBRA recipients

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I spent a lot of time the past couple of days hammering on the HHS Dept. for announcing that they're discontinuing their official monthly enrollment reports. However, it also occurs to me that I haven't heard a peep out of most of the state-run exchanges in almost a month either:

Out of the 15 state-run exchanges, only 6 of them have issued any sort of updated enrollment numbers in the past 2 weeks, and 6 haven't updated their numbers since April, including the 3 biggest ones (California, New York and Washington). This is important because, as you can see below, there's at least 300,000 people in California alone who still qualify for the ACA exchanges without needing a "Qualifying Life Event" (at least through 7/15):

California's health exchange said an estimated 300,000 people in the state with COBRA insurance coverage can switch to an Obamacare policy through July 15.

The Covered California exchange announced the special two-month enrollment period, starting Thursday, to address confusion about the sign-up rules.