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Massachusetts: 33.5K QHPs as of 5/08, "Limbo" up to 305K

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OK, Massachusetts' exchange is still seriously screwed up, and their reporting methodology is equally confusing, but it appears to be, as contributor deaconblues notes:

  • QHP: 32,706 unsubsidized + 773 subsidized = 33,479 (up from 31,695 as of 4/19)
  • Medicaid: 195,955 (expansion plus churn)
  • Limbo Status: 93,778 + 10,382 + 201,113 = 305,273
  • SHOP: 4,982? (1,869 members in Business Express and 3,113 members in QHP)

Really not sure how to handle the SHOP numbers, and that "Limbo Status" number keeps growing (it was 270K last I checked). Come June 30, I have no idea what those 300,000 people are going to do...