Briefly: NY, VT, NM

As I noted yesterday, there are three states which had unusually large discrepancies between the official HHS and state exchange QHP enrollments:

  • New York came in over 65,000 lower than the number I had for a simple reason: The New York exchange lumps enrollees in their Child Health Plus program in with QHPs, even though technically this isn't a QHP program. There were over 40,000 of these as of the end of February; this number has climbed to 65,028 as of 4/19.
    Since Child Health Plus is privately funded (and therefore isn't on the Medicaid/CHIP side), but also isn't officially a QHP either according to HHS, I've moved it over to the "Off Exchange QHP" column.
  • New Mexico: The latest state report claims 34,996 QHPs as of 4/15, but the HHS report lists it as 32,062 as of 4/19. This is a difference of 2,934, too high to just shrug off. I still haven't resolved this mystery.
  • Vermont: The latest state report claims only 24,888 QHPs as of 4/15, but the HHS report lists it as 38,048 as of 4/19. This is a difference of 13,160, which is way too high to shrug off. In this case, I've heard from Emily Yahr of Vermont Health Connect who explained that a) the 38K figure in the HHS report includes unpaid enrollments, while the smaller number includes paid enrollments only. However, she also noted that this number has since grown to 27,221. Since I do try to be as accurate as possible on the spreadsheet and graph, I'm going with the paid-only number (although as I noted, it has grown to over 27K). In addition, Vermont's SHOP total, which previously was only "between 30K - 40K" (35K on the spreadsheet) has been locked down at 33,614, although SHOP is open year round.

As a result of the above, along with some minor QHP updates which have come in since the 4/19 totals from the HHS report, the spreadsheet total is slightly different from the official HHS number (some states a bit higher, some a bit lower).