California, Colorado, New York all say "screw it" and announce exchange QHP extensions

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Oregon has been talking about this for weeks, but now it's official:

Oregonians now have an additional month to apply for private health insurance. New deadline to apply is April 30. The Oregon Insurance Division and Cover Oregon urge people to apply now to get coverage as soon as possible and avoid potential end-of-month rush. 

Colorado said something about this the other day, but now it's official:

DENVER - Colorado will give health insurance applicants extra time to finish the enrollment process, if they start before the March 31 deadline.

Connect for Health Colorado will make an official announcement about the extension Wednesday afternoon.

Add New York to the list as well:

New York State officials say the deadline to enroll in coverage through the state-based marketplace (i.e. New York State of Health) remains March 31, but they are developing a process to help individuals who are locked out of the system because of technical difficulties.

The news comes after the Obama administration announced an extension for those who have tried to apply for health insurance – as required by the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate – but have been unable to do so because of technical difficulties with the federal health exchange website. Consumers who do not finish their application by Monday, March 31, will be able to request an extension.

Add these to the earlier announcements that (36 states) as well as Massachusetts, Maryland, Nevada, Minnesota and possibly Vermont, Kentucky and Washington State were doing some sort of "as long as you started by 3/31, you get to finish" policy, and the following was pretty much inevitable:

Covered California also clarified the process for completing applications for health coverage in 2014.

“Covered California is not extending its deadline for applying for a health plan,” Lee said. “However, we’re committed to helping all those who started an online application to cross the finish line.”

Individuals who start an online application by 11:59 p.m. on March 31, 2014, will have until 11:59 p.m. on April 15, 2014, to complete their application and select a plan. To start an application, the consumer must take at least the following steps...

Anyone have some No-Doz®?