Colorado: QHPs up 5,100; Medicaid up 7,300 in 2nd half of Feb.

Hat Tip To: 
Esther Ferington, deaconblues

Colorado continues to be one of the more smoothly-running state exchanges, adding 5,102 Private QHPs and 7,341 new Medicaid enrollees in the 2nd half of February. These represent a 6.4% and 5.7% increase respectively. Unfortunately, their daily QHP rate for February, which had looked to be slightly higher than January, was actually down about 8% per day. As always, in CO, the Medicaid number listed only includes actual ACA expansion (woodworkers are included separately in the CMS reports; there are no renewals or churn the number below).

Here's a bonus data tidbit that's also a precursor to a new feature that I'm adding later this week: Out of the total uninsured in the state, Colorado has a potential QHP pool of around 

325,000 residents, and a potential Medicaid pool of around 332,000 people, once you remove undocumented immigrants.

Assuming 60% of QHP enrollees were previously uninsured, this means Colorado has enrolled:

  • 50,928 / 325,000 = 15.7% of the total QHP target market
  • 135,560 + 17,139 (off-exchange) = 152,699 / 332,000 = 46.0% of the total Medicaid/CHIP target market