First Major Off-Exchange QHP Enrollment Update: WellPoint enrolls appx. 95,000 nationally

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Anonymous, Mokurai

And voila, with the quarterly earnings conference call for WellPoint Insurance, we have our first clue as to just how many ACA-compliant policies have been sold directly via the insurance companies instead of being run through and/or the state-based exchanges: Around 95,000 nationally:

Of the half million new members Wellpoint said that have applied for coverage so far, more than 80 percent came through public exchanges and two-thirds of those were “subsidy eligible.”

Unfortunately, these are pretty rough numbers--"half million" could be as few as around 490,000 or as high as perhaps 520,000, and "more than 80%" could mean anywhere from 81 - 83%, but for the moment I'll assume 81% out of 500,000, which means 19% off-exchange.

Oh, and no, these should not include any of the "1-year extensions of non-compliant/junk accounts" which the Obama administration has been allowing; the article specifies these as new members of WellPoint, not renewals/extensions of existing policies.

This also isn't broken out by state, which means I have to put it in the "Not Broken Out Yet" field (which I hate having to do), but it's still a significant number and worth plugging in. If I'm able to get more specifics, of course, I'll revise the spreadsheet at that point.