As I noted a few days ago, I spent most of last week in Washington, DC attending the Families USA healthcare policy conference and meeting with staffers for a dozen or so House Democrats. My main goal in those meetings was to encourage as many House members as possible to sign on as cosponsors of what I've termed the "ACA 2.0" bills.

As a reminder, the main House ACA 2.0 bill, H.R. 1884, was also broken out into a dozen or so smaller, standalone bills. The smaller one I'm most focused on is H.R. 1868, which eliminates the ACA's 400% FPL income cap for subsidy eligibility and also beefs up the underlying subsidy formula.

Until my meetings, H.R. 1868 had 36 cosponsors including the lead sponsor, Rep. Lauren Underwood of Illinois...and hadn't had any new cosponsors sign on since October. H.R. 1884, meanwhile, had 160 cosponsors including the lead sponsor, Rep. Frank Pallone of New Jersey...but hadn't had anyone sign on since last August.