NBPP 2022

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Last November, regular readers may recall I went on a bit of a personal crusade to rack up as much public comment as possible in opposition to several last-minute time bombs the Trump Administration attempted to plant on their way out the door:

I should also note that not every NBPP rule implemented by the Trump Administration (via CMS Administrator Seema Verma) has been terrible. Some are either perfectly in line with Obama-era NBPPs, inconsequential, and in a few cases have actually been good and helpful.

...Other proposed changes, however, can be either stupid or flat-out devastating. The proposed 2022 rule changes...which were pushed out after hours on Thanksgiving Eve, just 56 days before the Trump Administration ends...includes some OK ideas, but also includes some which would be harmful and one which would be disastrous (I've changed the order they're listed below to put the most troubling ones at the bottom):

The details get wonky, but the bottom line is that there were three proposed rule changes in particular which I was deeply concerned about:

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This just in from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid:

CMS to Adopt Rules to Lower Health Care Costs in 2022 Federal Health Insurance Marketplace Plans

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) today adopted new provisions to lower maximum out-of-pocket costs to consumers by $400, while increasing competition and improving the consumer experience for millions of Americans who will rely on the Federal Health Insurance Marketplaces in plan year 2022. These actions demonstrate a strong commitment by the Biden-Harris Administration to protect and build on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), reduce health care costs, and make our health care system easier to navigate and more equitable.