A few months back, like millions of other Twitter users after the platform was taken over by Elon Musk, I turned to the open source, federated social media platform Mastodon as an alternative. While Mastodon is definitely undergoing some growing pains, for the most part I'm pretty happy with much so that I've actually signed on as a monthly Patreon supporter of the founder & primary instance administrator Eugen Rochko.

Unfortunately, last night I received an email notice which illustrated one of the key problems with Mastodon--a problem which, as it happens, is also at the core of Twitter's current woes: Content moderation policies & enforcement.

Here's the email I received:

Subject: Your posts on have been removed

Posts removed

A bit off-topic but with good reason.

Just wanted to let my supporters know that while I can still be found on Twitter (at least as of this writing), I've also set up shop at Mastodon. I have an account at Post as well, but Mastodon seems to be the most Twitter-like social media experience for me, and it being decentralized means that no Musk-type can ever take it over.

Anyway, I've added a link to both my Mastodon and Post accounts to the sidebar as well as below. I've also added a "quick-link" icon button to post blog entries on Mastodon.