Mask Up

Hot on my announcement that I've been asked to join the board of directors of Doctors For America, I have some less pleasant personal news to report as well: After dodging it for nearly 2 1/2 years and obsessively tracking cases & fatalities connected to it for most of that time, I finally tested positive for COVID-19 myself a few days ago.

I actually started feeling slightly off about two weeks ago, but I also happened to get my 4th vaccination shot (or 2nd booster, if you prefer) right around the same time, so for the first few days I just assumed I was having stronger-than-usual side effects from the shot.

By last Wednesday, it was clearly something more serious, but a home-based COVID test came back negative so I figured it was just a really nasty head cold + seasonal allergies. By Friday my wife was also experiencing symptoms and she ended up having a miserable Mother's Day weekend...while I was starting to recover.