New Mexico: *Final* avg. unsubsidized 2024 #ACA rate changes: +5.3% (unweighted; updated)

Originally posted 8/14/23; updated 11/07/23

This one is particularly frustrating. In addition to the filings being listed at the federal Rate Review website, every individual & small group market carrier also has their filings listed via the SERFF database and via New Mexico's own internal, searchable rate filing database...and yet I still can't run a weighted average rate change for either market because almost none of the filings at any of these three databases includes the actual enrollment data (Presbyterian on the individual market is the exception).

As a result, I have to once again settle for unweighted averages, which come to +5.6% on the individual market and +7.7% for small group plans.

UPDATED 11/07/23: In the end there were only slight tweaks made to a few carrier requests in either market.