Nevada: Preliminary avg. unsubsidized 2024 #ACA rate changes: +2.1% (unweighted)

Nevada used to be a state where the annual individual & small group rate filings were fairly transparent. They have a pretty easy-to-use searchable filing database which clearly lists the carriers, market, maximum & minimum rate changes and even includes the SERFF Tracking numbers for every filing.

Unfortunately, this year at least, most of that proves useless for my purposes. The average rate changes are posted, but the enrollment data is still hidden from public view--entering the SERFF Tracking Numbers still brings up nothing in the SERFF database, and the actuarial memos posted at RateReview.HealthCare.Gov are mostly redacted. As a result, I'm only able to enter enrollment data for one of the nine carriers on the Nevada individual market, and none on the small group market.

Interestingly, the one I have enrollment data for (Aetna Health of Utah) also has a curious discrepancy: The filing itself lists the average requested rate increase as being 6.97%, but on the site it only shows up as 1.36%. The other eight carriers all match up (or are within a tenth of a percentage point, anyway).

The unweighted average increase being requested is therefore 2.1% on the individual market and 5.5% for small group plans.