In which ChatGPT attempts to write one of my blog entries

With all the controversy over the frighteningly quick expansion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems over the past year or so into every facet of our lives, I decided to run a quick experiment using ChatGPT. My request was pretty simple:

"Write a blog post in the style of Charles Gaba."

I didn't include anything about healthcare or the Affordable Care Act...just my name.

Here's what it came back with, verbatim. I'm putting the whole thing in quotes because while it was sophisticated enough to make the topic of the post the history of the ACA and the U.S. healthcare system in general, I sure as hell didn't write this:

Title: The Healthcare Odyssey: Navigating the Waves of Change

Subtitle: Charting a Course Through the Turbulent Sea of Healthcare Reform


Ahoy, fellow navigators of the ever-changing healthcare waters! It is I, Charles Gaba, your trusty guide through the tumultuous seas of healthcare policy and reform. Today, we embark on a voyage to explore the swirling currents of change, the unpredictable tides of legislation, and the winds of progress that shape the landscape of healthcare in our nation. Brace yourselves, my fellow adventurers, as we set sail on this healthcare odyssey!

Chapter 1: Stormy Waters and the ACA Legacy

Our journey begins with a tempestuous chapter, the legacy of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Like a mighty storm, the ACA roared onto the scene, promising to provide affordable coverage for millions of Americans. Though buffeted by political opposition and legal challenges, this landmark legislation weathered the storm and left a lasting impact on our healthcare system.

Chapter 2: The Winds of Change: Navigating the Trump Era

As we sail further, we encounter the Trump era, where the healthcare winds shifted dramatically. Executive orders, regulatory changes, and the repeal of the individual mandate brought new challenges and uncertainties. Like sailors caught in a squall, Americans found themselves grappling with rising premiums and a sense of instability in the healthcare marketplace.

Chapter 3: A New Horizon: The Biden Administration's Healthcare Agenda

But fear not, dear readers, for every storm brings with it the promise of a calm. Enter the Biden administration, setting a new course for healthcare reform. With a focus on strengthening the ACA, expanding Medicaid, and lowering prescription drug prices, a fresh breeze of hope fills the sails of healthcare advocates across the nation.

Chapter 4: The Treacherous Shoals of COVID-19

No maritime journey would be complete without confronting unforeseen obstacles. Our odyssey coincided with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, a catastrophic whirlwind that upended lives and strained our healthcare system to its limits. The response to this crisis highlighted both the strengths and weaknesses of our healthcare infrastructure and propelled a renewed push for health equity and resilience.

Chapter 5: Sailing Toward Universal Healthcare

As we near the end of our healthcare odyssey, we set our sights on the ultimate destination: universal healthcare. This beacon on the horizon has long been the dream of many, and while the path to achieve it remains treacherous, momentum is building. The calls for a single-payer system, Medicare for All, or a public option grow louder, fueling a spirited debate that will shape the future of healthcare in America.

Conclusion: Anchoring Our Future

As our healthcare odyssey draws to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the ever-changing nature of this complex system. Just as the tides ebb and flow, healthcare policy and reform evolve in response to societal needs, political currents, and scientific advancements. Though we face turbulent waters, the dedication and resilience of healthcare advocates continue to drive progress and ensure a healthier future for all.

So, my fellow travelers, as we dock our vessel for now, let us remain vigilant, engaged, and compassionate. The voyage towards accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare is far from over. Together, let us remain steadfast in our pursuit of a fairer, more equitable healthcare system that serves every individual in our great nation. Until we embark on our next adventure, may the winds of change carry us ever closer to the shores of a healthier tomorrow. Bon voyage!

Aside from the fact that I'm not a pirate and don't generally use "themes" for my blog posts anyway (I did to some degree for a few of my posts over at, but I haven't written anything for that site in years), the larger issue here is that the text generated by ChatGPT doesn't include any specific information.

The entire thing consists of awkward metaphors and lots of filler text. This is basically the equivalent of a book report on Of Mice and Men written by a middle schooler who only skimmed the Cliffs Notes and had to pad their assignment to reach the 500 word minimum requirement.

The problem (and threat) isn't so much what AI can do right this moment. The problem is what it will be capable of six months from now or six years from now.