Minnesota: MNsure announces new Special Enrollment Period for residents caught in the #FamilyGlitch

via MNsure:

New Opportunity To Enroll Through MNsure for Minnesotans With Unaffordable Job-Based Family Health Insurance

  • Special enrollment period open through October 31, 2023

ST. PAUL, Minn.—MNsure, Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace, is offering a special enrollment period (SEP) for Minnesotans who are currently enrolled in unaffordable family insurance through an employer with a renewal date other than January 1.

Under a new IRS rule, related household members who are covered by a family member’s employer-sponsored health insurance may be newly eligible to receive advanced premium tax credits through MNsure that lower the cost of private health plans. As a result, some eligible household members may be able to find a better deal on health insurance by shopping for a private plan through MNsure and saving on monthly premiums with a tax credit.

“Choosing the right health insurance for your family is an important decision,” said MNsure CEO Libby Caulum. “We strongly encourage all interested families to take advantage of free help from a MNsure-certified broker who can help you understand your options and make an informed choice.”

MNsure has a set of online tools to help consumers:

Use our Employer Insurance Affordability Estimator to see whether your family’s current coverage may be unaffordable

Check out our Plan Comparison Tool to get an estimate for what a private health plan through MNsure may cost, including any financial help you may be eligible to receive

Search for a MNsure-certified broker who can provide free enrollment help and give advice about picking a plan that best meets your needs

Interested families should not end their current employer-sponsored family coverage until they receive an official eligibility determination from MNsure. Details about the SEP are available on the MNsure website: Unaffordable Non-Calendar-Year Family Insurance Through an Employer. This SEP closes on October 31, 2023.