Iowa: Final avg. unsubsidized 2023 #ACA rate changes: +2.3% (updated)


Here's the preliminary 2023 rate filings for Iowa's individual & small-group markets. Unfortunately, I only have the enrollment data for the two smaller carriers on the individual market (and none for the small group market), but based on my estimate of Iowa's total ACA-compliant individual market, I can make an educated guess as to the weighted average, which should be roughly 2.0%.

Unfortunately I can't do the same for the small group market; for that, the unweighted average rate increase is around 5.1%.

I should also note that Iowa also has 35,400 residents still enrolled in pre-ACA ("transitional" or "grandmothered") medical policies, with nearly all of them being via Wellmark: 

Iowa is one of the rare states where the transitional individual market is still nearly half the size of the ACA-compliant market.

UPDATE 11/03/22: Now that we're into the actual Open Enrollment Period, Iowa's final 2023 rate changes are posted at the federal review site. There've been only nominal changes. Thankfully I have a pretty good idea of Wellmark's enrollment, which should put the approved weighted average at around 2.3% overall.

No changes to the small group market, which is looking at unweighted average increases of 4.7%.