Ohio: Approved avg. 2022 #ACA rate changes: +4.8% indy market (prelim sm. group: +5.1% unweighted)


The Ohio Insurance Department does this weird thing where they list all of the carriers offering policies on the individual market and list the weighted average year over year premium change...but they don't list the actual rate increases for each carrier.

For the small group market I don't think they even do that; I have to rely on the federal Rate Review site, which almost never provides enrollment data.

Fortunately, for the indy market at least, all of the requested rate filings are available via the SERFF database, along with enrollment figures for 9 of the 10 carriers in the market. For the tenth (AuitCare), I used an estimate based on last years' hard number. Unfortunately, I still don't know the approved rates for any of them, but it looks like the state regulators chopped them down somwhat, since the weighted average comes in at 4.8% vs. the requested 8.4% statewide.

UPDATE 10/26/21: OK, Louise Norris has informed me that the requested averages have all been approved as is by the Ohio Insurance Dept...which makes their "4.76% weighted average premium increase" even more curious...but (shrug) that's what they say it is, so...

Individual Market Premium Information for 2022

Premiums for 2022 are projected to increase compared to 2021 - though individual companies' rates will vary from the average.

Weighted average annual premiums for the individual market for 2022 are projected to be $5,940.52. In 2021 weighted average annual premiums were $5,670.63 - an increase of 4.76%.

For the small group market, I can't run a weighted average, but the unweighted increase is 5.1%.