Weekly Update: U.S. #COVID19 vaccination levels BY COUNTY & Partisan Lean

COVID-19 Vaccine

Methodology reminders:

  • For my county-level vaccination rate graphs, I go by FULLY vaccinated only (2 doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine).
  • I base my percentages on the total population, as opposed to adults only or those over 11 years old.

Worth noting:

  • At first glance, the graph may look identical to prior weeks, but the R^2 is gradually increasing:
    • On May 25th, R^2 stood at 0.2650 (granted, I had some methodology errors at the time)
    • On July 3rd, R^2 stands at 0.4216
    • On July 11th, R^2 stands at 0.4270
    • On July 20th, the R^2 stood at 0.4363
    • On July 27th, the R^2 stood at 0.4408
    • On August 3rd, the R^2 stood at 0.4438
    • On August 10th, the R^2 stood at 0.4447
  • Only 3 counties have broken the 85% threshold for full vaccination: Kalawao County, HI (pop. 86), Nantucket, MA (pop. 11,400) and Los Alamos County, NM (pop. 14,700). Bristol Bay Borough, AK (pop. 900) is next in line, however, at 83.9%.
  • Slope County, ND (pop. 43,200) has the lowest vaccination rate in the country at just 9.1%. It's one of 4 counties nationally which have vaccinated less than 10% of their total populations, along with Miller County, AR (pop. 43,300), McPherson County, SD (pop. 2,400) and McPherson County, NE (pop. 500).
  • Of counties with more than 100,000 residents, the top-vaxxed are Santa Fe, NM (76.2% vaxxed); Marin County, CA (74.1% vaxxed); and Cumberland County, ME (72.2% vaxxed)
  • Of counties with more than 100,000 residents, the least-vaxxed are Shelby County, AL; Robeson County, NC; and Livingston County, LA, each of which has fully vaccinated less than 27% of their total populations to date.
  • There are 45 counties with more than 1 million residents. Of those, the highest-vaxxed is Montgomery County, MD (71.6% vaxxed) while the lowest-vaxxed is San Bernadino County, CA (41.2%).