Update: Meanwhile, ACA enrollments grind on: 186K+ & counting...

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NOTE: This was originally posted over at Daily Kos. I've since ported it over here for archival purposes.

Meanwhile, since the official HHS report last week, I've made some major changes to the ObamacareSignups.netspreadsheet:

Going forward, whenever possible I'm going to only be listing actual enrollments for each state. In this sense, my numbers will more closely parallel EnrollMaven.com, an openly anti-ACA website that's also been tracking Obamacare signups. I was highly skeptical of EnrollMaven at first, but their methodology seems to be sound. In addition, they've at least been completely frank about their negative opinion of the ACA, and many of my sources have turned out to be identical to theirs, so I've grown pretty comfortable with using them as a cross-check on my own numbers.

However, there's still a few important differences between their site and ObamacareSignups.net:

--I'm continuing to include Medicaid and SCHIP enrollments, which they don't track; this is still a crucially important factor, both for the success of the ACA as well as from a purely humanitarian POV

--Their site is poorly laid out, requiring you to scroll endlessly to find the states, and they only list the most recent number for the day instead of showing any trend lines or alternative sources

--Since I'm using a Google Docs spreadsheet, you can easily export/copy the data to Excel or whatever to do what you will with

--They sort the states by Federal-run and State-run; I've marked the state-run sites as such (blue rows), but have kept them alphabetical for easier tracking

Having said all of that, here's the latest figures as of Thursday, Nov. 21:

Total Exchange ENROLLMENTS: 186,099
Total Medicaid/SCHIP Expansion: 598,695

Total Combined: 784,794

California is the main force behind the latest numbers, as they just beefed up their official enrollment figure by 20,000 over a week ago and their (estimated) Medicaid tally by 60,000 (that one isn't official yet, but Medicaid additions are a lot more reliable than private enrollments).

I'm asking my helpers here at dKos to continue scouring state government reports, twitter feeds and news reports for state-by-state enrollment updates (both the exchanges as well as Medicaid).

Also, by popular demand, I've started a visual chart/graph of the signups, using the HHS Dept. report from last week as a starting point (click for a full-size version):

It's important to note that the graph is misleading--it makes it appear that enrollments are slowing down since the HHS report, but the chart only includes the states which have actually reported new figures since then (only 12 have so far), and even then those numbers don't run all the way up to today (some only go up to a few days past the HHS report period which ended on 11/02).


Update: Just to keep things in perspective (and reality-based), I've pulled out to the 7 million target figure and superimposed the Massachusetts "RomneyCare" signup chart from 2007 over it to give an idea of how that comparison is going. Bear in mind that they had a full year to signup vs. 6 months, so I've squished the timeframe in half to match the ACA target of 7 million by 3/31/14:

Again, while the red sliver at the bottom looks tiny, this only includes partial figures from 12 states, so the real numbers could be considerably higher.