212K enrolled + New Features Added!!

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NOTE: This was originally posted over at Daily Kos. I've since ported it over here for archival purposes.

've added a few new numbers to, but the main changes are some new features:

--First, I'm "changing" the name from to Both will take you to the same spreadsheet, of course, but is just shorter and easier to type. Use whichever one you feel is appropriate when reposting.

--Second, as I mentioned last week, by popular request, I've added graphical charts showing both the ACA Private Exchange enrollments as well as a comparison against the Massachusetts enrollment pattern of 2007.

--Third (and this is BRAND NEW), I've added the actual official HHS Dept. Per-State Goals for the 6-month enrollment period! This answers the question about where the mystical "7 million" figure came from, broken down by state (more about this below the fold).

--As far as I can tell, 2 of the other websites that were tracking ACA enrollments have abandoned the project: Advisory Board Company and Aaron Strauss. However, is still keeping at it.

I was highly skeptical of EnrollMaven at first, as they have an openly anti-ACA/Obamacare mission statement, but their methodology seems to be sound. Plus, they've at least been completely frank about their negative opinion of the ACA, and many of my sources have turned out to be identical to theirs, so I've grown pretty comfortable with using them as a cross-check on my own numbers.

However, there's still a few important differences between their site and

--I'm continuing to include Medicaid and SCHIP enrollments, which they don't track; this is still a crucially important factor, both for the success of the ACA as well as from a purely humanitarian POV

--Their site is poorly laid out, requiring you to scroll endlessly to find the states, and they only list the most recent number for the day instead of showing any trend lines or alternative sources

--Since I'm using a Google Docs spreadsheet, you can easily export/copy the data to Excel or whatever to do what you will with

--They sort the states by Federal-run and State-run; I've marked the state-run sites as such (blue rows), but have kept them alphabetical for easier tracking

Having said all of that, here's the latest figures as of Monday, Nov. 25:

Total Exchange ENROLLMENTS: 212,066
Total Medicaid/SCHIP Expansion: 716,707

Total Combined: 928,773

I'm asking my helpers here at dKos to continue scouring state government reports, twitter feeds and news reports for state-by-state enrollment updates (both the exchanges as well as Medicaid).

(click below for full-size versions):

See for details, including direct links to cited sources.

As for the newly-added "State-by-state Goals" column, if you look closely, there's some interesting things to note:

--For Connecticut, they're targeting 33,000 out of 3.6 million, or about 0.9% of the state popluation, or about 9% of the total uncovered population.

--In Texas (6.3 million uninsured, 630,000 target) they only expect to have 10% of their uninsured covered by then.

For California, they're targeting 1.3 million people, or about 3.4% of the total population, or about 17% of the total uncovered population.

--Vermont is REALLY interesting. Vermont has about 9% of the total population of 626,000 uninsured, which is only about 57,000 people)...and the target is 57,000.

In other words, the HHS Dept. has been hoping that Vermont will have EVERYONE without coverage signed up by 3/31/14. Given that it's deep blue and moving towards single payer anyway, this makes sense.