ACA Apps/Signups top 600,000 - Help Needed Following 39 States

From the Daily Kos Archive

NOTE: This was originally posted over at Daily Kos. I've since ported it over here for archival purposes.

If you go to, you'll see that my own current tally now sits at over 600,000 either enrolled or at least with completed applications.

Today's big updates:

--the District of Columbia is up to over 1,800 "individuals and families" which could actually mean up to perhaps 3,000 actual people

--Illinois has received 20,000 completed applications for Medicaid expansion.

--Massachusetts, which is a special case since they've been running their exchange for years (thanks, Mitt!) has added another 5,691 since the ACA exchanges formally started.

--The beat rolls on in New York, which is now up to 150,000 people "registered and deemed eligible"

--A handful of people have signed up in Mississippi and Wyoming, believe it or not!

Thanks to the folks below the fold for providing some of these sources!