450,000+ Approved or Signed Up for Obamacare! (Help Still Needed)

From the Daily Kos Archive

NOTE: This was originally posted over at Daily Kos. I've since ported it over here for archival purposes.

Today (Friday) has seen some significant updates to both the spreadsheet and the figures, including:

--I've taken ownership of the spreadsheet by adding "by brainwrap" to the site (I debated about whether to do this or not, but screw it)

--I've added links to 3 other sources which are trying to track the number of signups, although all of them have lower numbers than I list: 50,000 (Daily Briefing), 156,000 (Aaron Strauss), 185,000 (Sarah Kliff's WonkBlog). It really depends on what you (or the state, or the media source) define as "applied", "approved", "enrolled" or "signed up". It also depends on whether you include Medicaid expansion or not (in my case, I'm doing so, which no doubt explains much of the higher total).

--Maryland has released their latest tally (PDF), which includes both exchange signups as well as Medicaid expansion numbers...and now sits at over 84,000 people with health coverage!

--Here's a great article that explains the situation with the state-run websites, which have fared far better than the disasterous Healthcare.gov