Massachusetts: MA Health Connector shatters Open Enrollment record for 6th straight year, up 6% y/y!

I just received the final 2020 Open Enrollment report from the Massachusetts Health Connector (via email, no link):

Here’s where we are:

  • We have 290,105 January enrollments
  • 22,493 February and March enrollments
  • 7,014 plans selected
  • For a total of 319,612

New enrollments currently total 57,044.

I wish every ACA exchange would break out their numbers this way. Simple and to the point, but also with relevant details...not only "renewals vs. new" but also how many are enrolled for January vs. February or March coverage and even how many have/haven't paid yet! The last is a bit unfair since Massachusetts is one of only two states, I believe, which actually handle premium payments (Rhode Island does as well...Washington State used to but doesn't anymore).

Here's what's truly impressive: Massachusetts is the only state to increase their ACA exchange enrollment each and every year for six years running:

  • 2014: 31,695 QHPs selected (major technical issues)
  • 2015: 140,540 (+343%)
  • 2016: 213,883 (+52.2%)
  • 2017: 266,665 (+24.7%)
  • 2018: 267,260 (+0.02%
  • 2019: 301,879 (+13.0%)
  • 2020: 319,612 (+5.9%)

I should note that MA is also running a 97.8% payment rate for the 1st monthly premium, which is well above the ~90% national average.

Did I mention that Massachusetts also has the lowest unsubsidized ACA premiums for the 7th year running as well?