UPDATE: Idaho: 78.4K QHPs for 2020 Open Enrollment; down 17% due to Medicaid expansion

This Just In via email...

Your Health Idaho enrolls 89,000 Idahoans for 2020 health insurance coverage

  • Idaho exchange sees increase in new customers as overall enrollments decline amid Medicaid expansion

BOISE, Idaho – More than 89,000 Idahoans signed up for 2020 health insurance coverage through the state insurance exchange, Your Health Idaho, during open enrollment which ended Dec. 16, 2019.

Enrollments are down approximately 14,000 from the same time last year. This decline is largely due to Medicaid expansion and was expected by the exchange. Your Health Idaho originally estimated that around 18,000 individuals would move from the exchange to Medicaid under the newly expanded program. 

Hmmmm...last year's official Medical QHP selection total for Idaho was actually just 94,430, which is only a drop of 5,430 people. I'm not sure what accounts for the 8,570 discrepancy...I'm assuming that the 89,000 / 103,000 figures include standalone dental plans, which would likely put the Medical QHP tally closer to 81,000 or so. I'm waiting to hear clarification of this issue from Your Health Idaho, however.

Your Health Idaho executive director, Pat Kelly, said that although enrollments have declined, he is encouraged by the final figures and overall interest in Idaho’s marketplace. 

“We always knew Medicaid expansion was a possibility, and that as a result, enrollments on the exchange would be impacted. We’ve planned for this change and do not expect to see any material adjustments to our long-term sustainability,” said Kelly.  “What we are most excited about at Your Health Idaho is the number of Idahoans who are new to the exchange. Many of these individuals and families now have comprehensive health insurance for this first time, and most are eligible for a tax credit and lower monthly premiums with Your Health Idaho.”

Of the 89,000 Idahoans enrolled for 2020, approximately 75% renewed their coverage from 2019 while new customers made up 25% of total enrollments.

Now that the open enrollment period is over, Idahoans must experience a Qualifying Life Event, such as having a baby or losing employer coverage, to be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period. More information is available on the Your Health Idaho website at YourHealthIdaho.org/special-enrollment.

UPDATE: OK, sure enough, I was right:

Yes, the 89,000 figure includes QDPs as does the 103,000 figure from OE 2019.

The full 2020 enrollment breakdown is as follows:

  • QHP: 78,431 (Medical ACA exchange policies)
  • QDP: 10,612 (standalone Dental ACA exchange policies)
  • Total: 89,043

Some QHPs also include dental coverage, but standalone dental plans are just that, so they aren't counted by CMS as healthcare policy enrollments.

Therefore, the actual comparison number is 78,431 QHPs for 2020 vs. 94,430 for 2019, a drop of 16,000 or 16.9%.