Illinois: *Preliminary* avg. 2020 #ACA premiums: 1.4% increase (unweighted avg only)

The good news is that as of August 2nd, the preliminary 2020 ACA premium rate changes are now available for every state at the RateReview.HealthCare.Gov website.

The bad news is that more carriers appear to be redacting their filings, making it more difficult to run weighted averages based on relative market share. In the case of Illinois, all five carriers on the individual market either redacted or not listed in the summary memos at all.

As a result, all I can do is run an unweighted average, which comes to a 1.4% premium increase statewide. My guess is that Blue Cross Blue Shield likely has the bulk of the market, which means the weighted average is likely just about flat.

For the small group market I didn't even bother trying to get the enrollment data; the unweighted average there is a 4.7% increase.

Louise Norris did note a few other details:

In 2019, HCSC [Blue Cross Blue Shield] offers coverage statewide, and HAMP offers coverage in eight of the 13 rating areas in Illinois. But Celtic/Ambetter only offers plans in two rating areas, and Cigna offers plans in three rating areas (both carriers limit their coverage to the Chicago area). Gunderson/Quartz offers plans in four counties: Boone, Ogle, Stephenson, Winnebago.