Kentucky: *Approved* avg. 2020 #ACA premiums: 3.7% increase (down from 5.0%)

The Kentucky Insurance Dept. just announced their approved rate changes for unsubsidized ACA-compliant individual and small group market enrollees. They only shaved a little bit off of the proposed rates from late June, but every bit helps:

DOI Completes Review of Individual and Small-Group Health Insurance Rate Filings

The Kentucky Department of Insurance (DOI) announced today that it has completed its review of the individual and small-group insurance rates filed in the Kentucky market.  The rates will be used to calculate insurance premiums for the 2020 benefit year. 

Kentuckians in the individual market will once again experience changes in premiums and plan offerings. Kentuckians will see an average rate increase of 9.7% percent for Anthem Health Plans of Kentucky (Anthem), which is a 2.3% decrease from the proposed rate filing. Consumers will also notice an average rate decrease of 4.5% percent for CareSource Kentucky Co. (CareSource) plans. The actual rates charged will vary based on individual plan selection and factors.

“The Department has reviewed some rate decreases for individual health insurance plans,” said Nancy G. Atkins, Commissioner of the Department of Insurance. “For the first time in years, Kentuckians purchasing health insurance on the Exchange could see rate decreases.”

CareSource will offer 12 different individual market plans on the Exchange. These plans vary in levels from catastrophic to gold, and include nine different silver and bronze options. CareSource will offer these plans in an expanded service area that now includes 83 counties across the Commonwealth.

Anthem will offer 13 different individual market plans on the Exchange. As in previous years, DOI has reviewed two different network and service area options for Anthem plans. The Anthem Pathway HMO service area includes seven approved plans. These plans with a broad provider network will be offered in 77 counties. The second option is the narrower Anthem Pathway Transition HMO, and includes six different plans available in 17 counties. The service areas do not overlap with the exception of Hardin County.

All counties in Kentucky will have individual market plans available on the Exchange. Due to CareSource’s increased service area, residents of 56 counties will have the option to compare and select both Anthem and CareSource plans. Residents in the remaining 64 counties will have one insurer option.

Prior to open enrollment, DOI recommends that individuals work with an agent, contact the DOI, or individually research plans to understand the options. “Consumers have multiple options to consider,” said Commissioner Atkins. “It is critical to review the details for each plan to minimize the potential for surprises later on and ensure individuals purchase the plan that best suits their individual needs.”

Here's what the final rates look like, along with what the changes were for each: