Colorado: C4HCO optimizes healthcare shopping tool for mobile use

via Connect for Health Colorado:

Health Insurance Shopping Tool Optimized for Mobile Browsing

Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Contact: Monica Caballeros,

DENVER – Coloradans shopping for health insurance through Connect for Health Colorado can now preview health plans and estimate costs on their mobile devices and tablets using the award-winning Quick Cost and Plan Finder tool.

Connect for Health Colorado has optimized the tool for mobile browsing of health insurance plans as part of its technology modernization effort, which includes a suite of tools such as live chat and scheduling a call. Development is also underway to optimize the complete application for mobile devices. Making the technology consistently mobile provides a smoother user experience and supports customers who do not have immediate access to traditional desktops and laptops.

“We continually improve our technology so we can meet Coloradans where they are and make shopping easier,” said Kevin Patterson, Chief Executive Officer of Connect for Health Colorado. “Creating streamlined tools and resources for mobile devices and tablets means more people can easily shop through our Marketplace, get an estimate of financial help they may qualify for, and compare offerings from a variety of health insurance companies.”

The Quick Cost and Plan Finder tool helps shoppers estimate the financial help they could receive through the Marketplace and calculate an estimate of total yearly costs. Coloradans can also use the anonymous tool to find plans which include preferred doctors, medications and compare from multiple health insurance companies and types of medical plans. 

Seven health insurance companies offer plans through Connect for Health Colorado. Most residents who buy their own health insurance have several to choose from. The number varies by location and the tool helps shoppers see all that are available in their area.

The tool does not recommend which plan a buyer should choose, but rather gives people a comparison of the health insurance options. The complete application for financial help and health insurance must currently be completed on a laptop or desktop computer.