New York: 265K QHPs, 784K BHPs with two days left to #GetCovered!

With just two days left to go for New Yorkers to #GetCovered, Politico healthcare reporter Dan Goldberg has the latest numbers:

@charles_gaba NY latest numbers 265,209 in QHP 784,202 in EP. Enrollment deadline is tomorrow

— Dan Goldberg (@DanCGoldberg) January 30, 2019

These are solidly impressive numbers. Last year's final tally (including the last two days of Open Enrollment) was:

  • 253,102 in a Qualified Health Plan – including 149,000 (59 percent) who enrolled with financial assistance and 104,000 (41 percent) who enrolled without financial assistance 
  • 738,851 in the popular Essential Plan for lower income New Yorkers 
  • 374,577 in Child Health Plus
  • And, 2,965,863 people enrolled in Medicaid through the Marketplace.

That's a 4.8% year over year increase in QHP enrollment and a 6.1% increase in Essential Plan (BHP) enrollment. Again, there's still two days left for people to enroll in QHPs (and they can enroll in BHPs year-round, although I believe that also tends to taper off sharply after the official Open Enrollment Period ends each year regardless), so those numbers will end up being slightly higher yet when the dust settles Thursday night.