Connecticut: 109.1K QHPs; within 4.4% of last year with 2 days left to #GetCovered

I just updated AccessHealthCT's numbers a week ago; it looks like they only added 428 more people over the next seven days:

With the clock ticking, Access Health CT’s latest statistics show they are closing in on last year’s numbers.

As of Friday afternoon there are now 109,126 Connecticut residents enrolled in insurance plans through the exchange. The deadline for enrolling was extended to Jan. 15. 

Last year 114,000 Connecticut residents enrolled in plans sold on the exchange.

CT is just over 5,000 signups shy of last year's 114,134 QHP selection total. They probably added a couple hundred more over the weekend (weekends are always slower anyway), but the odds of matching last year's total by tomorrow (Tuesday) night are extremely slim. My guess is they'll end up between 110K - 111K.