Connecticut: 102.4K QHP selections thru 12/14 w/one month extension added

Connecticut was originally supposed to end their 2019 Open Enrollment Period on Saturday, December 15th along with most other states. However, on Saturday afternoon, just hours before the midnight deadline, they announced that they were bumping out the final deadline by a full month, through January 15th, to coincide with California and Colorado. This was done mostly in response to the mass confusion and fear which spread rapidly on Friday night and all day Saturday as people heard about the ruling in the #TexasFoldEm lawsuit.

It's probably just as well that they did that, because according to this article in Hartford Business, Access Health CT was down about 10% from last year:

As of Friday, the day of the Texas court ruling and one day before the original enrollment deadline, Access Health was reporting 102,412 enrollees in non-Medicaid health plans offered on the exchange.

That's lower than the approximately 114,000 that signed up during last year's open enrollment period, but the numbers often shift depending on how many fail to pay their premiums in the early months of coverage.

For example, 106,475 individuals and families who enrolled for 2018 coverage had paid at least one month of premiums as of July 2018, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. That was up from 92,697 the year prior.

That's actually not quite what the CMS report said, but whatever; the larger point is that last year, Access Health CT's deadline wasn't until December 23rd anyway...and thus, as of December 14th, 2017 they actually only had 98.4K QHP selections. By that metric, they're actually ahead of last year by around 4%. Of course, that number ramped up to 114K over the next 9 days leading up to the deadline, while this year most people thought that the 15th was the cut-off, so it's still not quite a fair comparison...but the point is that CT now has an extra month to try and make up the shortfall.