HealthCare.Gov is LITERALLY operating 100,000x better than 2 years ago.

NOTE: Today is October 1st, 2016, the 3rd anniversary of the disastrous launch of HealthCare.Gov. To mark the occasion, I'm dusting off this post from last December.

There were a lot of numbers tossed around in today's big HealthCare.Gov enrollment news, but I want to focus on just one number in particular:


Six hundred thousand people actively enrolled in private healthcare policies on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 by using HealthCare.Gov.

Forget about the cumulative total for a moment. Forget about the auto-renewals still to be added. Forget about the state-based exchanges. Just focus on the fact that in a single 24-hour period, 600,000 people signed up through the federal exchange site only.

Now think back to October 2013, when and 17 state-based exchange websites launched...and, for the most part, immediately crashed and burned.

On October 1, 2013, only six people signed up through HealthCare.Gov.

Considering the years-long battle to pass the Affordable Care Act and the lengths to which Democrats went to protect it, the launch of President Obama's healthcare law was something of a disaster, marred mostly by the program's broken website. But now we know just how awful the enrollment numbers were from those first few days.

According to documents obtained by CBS News from the House Oversight Committee, just six people enrolled in the program using its website during the first 24 hours, despite the Obama administration's claims of 4.7 million unique visitors to the site over the same time period. And the second day wasn't much better: just 248 people were able to enroll nationwide.

Not six hundred thousand. Not six thousand. Not six hundred...six.

That means that as of Tuesday, HealthCare.Gov is literally operating 100,000 times better than it was just 26 months ago.

Put another way: In 2013, it took 67 days to enroll 600,000 people nationally...including all 17 state exchanges (Covered California, New York State of Health, kynect and so forth).

This year, managed to enroll 600K by itself in a single day.

Given all the crap that the tech folks at HHS/CMS/ took at the time over the technical mess (much of it justified, I agree), I just thought someone should mark this moment, that's all.