Michigan: Over 680,000 Michiganders can kiss healthcare coverage goodbye if Bill Schuette wins in November.


(Note: I uploaded Livengood's video clip to YouTube because it's the only way I could embed it within the blog post)

VIDEO: Today, I attempted to pin down @SchuetteOnDuty today on whether he will keep @onetoughnerd’s expanded Medicaid program intact if he’s elected governor.
I think I’ll try again next week... pic.twitter.com/hu6ejM2vpt

— Chad Livengood (@ChadLivengood) August 15, 2018


Livengood: "Attorney General, if you're elected governor, are you gonna keep the Medicaid program that the governor's established, the Healthy Michigan plan?"

Schuette: "Listen, Congress has worked on Medicaid expansion, Congress has worked on Medicaid expansion, and uh, here's what I think the issue of healthcare's about. We want affordable, accessible healthcare, that's important, uh, I believe in, uh, free market orientation, and the Democrats want a government-dominated, single-payer system...uh...I believe we should have a Medicaid work requirement, which I think's important because it both saves money and it's a culture that's important to working, and, uh, I think we'll see block grants to the states. And it's important, that, from the federal government. In Michigan we'll design our health plan to help people in Michigan, it should be done at the state capitol, it should be done in Lansing and, uh, Springfield, not by, not in Washington."

Livengood: "So do you want to redesign the Healthy Michigan plan?"

Schuette: "No, I'm just saying, we're gonna do it right, uh, I have a, uh, orientation of...private sector orientation instead of government dominating healthcare, I want people to be able to choose their doctors, they should cover children...children up to 26...uh, you oughta cover pre-existing conditions...there needs to be portability of health insurance...those are the factors that are important, and I think that states like Wisconsin and, uh, others are good models for us to look at."

Shorter Schuette: "They're screwed."