Colorado: EXCITING NEWS! C4HCO system

As long as I'm snarking on Washington's exchange for getting so excited over what appear to be pretty minor tweaks (to the average Joe, anyway), I might as well also give a shout-out to Connect for Health Colorado as well, which just posted this tidbit:

To Our Valued Stakeholders,

We took an important step forward this week with our board’s decision to move ahead on building a new eligibility system. With our own system, we will be able to provide customers a better application and enrollment experience and at the same gain more control and predictability for IT expenses.

A simplified path for enrolling with financial help can be expected to help us grow enrollment while getting more Coloradans the Advance Premium Tax Credit and Cost Share Reduction benefits that they are eligible to receive. We will continue to support Health First Colorado (Medicaid) enrollments and ensure that customers are routed to the right program, whether they begin at our site or with the PEAK application.

The new system will be in place for our next Open Enrollment Period. Learn more details about our plan.

We will be providing regular updates and taking stakeholder input as we progress.

In all seriousness, seemingly "minor", dry improvements/tweaks during the off-season can make a big difference when it's time to actually enroll. Glad to hear the exchanges are already plugging ahead, preparing for the sure-to-be-insane 6th Open Enrollment Period.

I don't know much about how C4HCO's technical platform operates, but they provide some simulation screen shots to give an idea of how the website screens will look when it's updated...this presumably will mean more to Colorado residents than me, of course: